Moisture: The Last Uncontrolled Variable in Grain and Feed

Control Matters

Livestock feeding today is a science. Feed formulations are designed for maximum performance and results are measured in pennies. Control of variables has enormous impact on profit. Unfortunately, moisture is rarely controlled even though it is second only to grain as the largest component in finished feed. Learn more »

Moisture Matters

Unlike corn or oats, moisture can be gained or lost in storage, transport, or processing and can vary significantly, both from load to load or even within a load. And while it is just water, moisture is one of your most significant variables, affecting:

  • the cost of grain bought or sold by weight
  • energy costs for drying
  • rate of throughput in processing
  • wear on pelleting equipment
  • pellet durability
  • and feed efficiency

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Toss the Coffee Can

As the input costs of livestock feeding skyrocket, it's time to take control of moisture content. AgriChem's patented moisture sensing technology and proprietary Grain Prep® Processing Aid let you measure and fine-tune moisture levels. Unlike traditional “coffee can” sampling, AgriChem systems provide real-time monitoring and control across an entire batch or load of grain or feed. Learn more »