Grain Prep® Processing Aid:
Total Moisture Control for Grain

Why Condition Grain?

Moisture is a critical component of grain, impacting its cost, nutritional value, and processing. Unlike other components, however, moisture can be gained and lost in transport, handling and storage. Controlling moisture content at critical points in the supply chain helps ensure that you are getting what you pay for, that grain and feed have maximum nutritional value and that your processes work as they should.

Lowering moisture content by drying is a simple process. Raising moisture level is more complicated. The outer seed coat of grain is naturally designed to control the passage of moisture. It can take days for plain water to pass through the outer coat into the kernel, and that is time that most grain users and handlers don’t have. At the same time it is difficult, if not impossible, to monitor the actual amount of moisture that has been absorbed by the grain.

Safe, affordable Grain Prep Processing Aid lets you condition grain quickly and easily. The Grain Prep Auto Delivery System lets you precisely control the level of conditioning while grain is being handled or processed to achieve the exact level of moisture required.

Grain Prep Processing Aid

Grain Prep

Grain Prep Processing Aid is a natural product that is added to water to increase the permeability of the seed coat and decrease the surface tension of water. This allows grain to absorb moisture in minutes that would otherwise require hours. Alternate ways of increasing seed coat penetration—strong organic acids or materials like lecithin or lignin sulfonate—can be difficult to handle, costly to apply and, in some cases, highly corrosive to feed mill equipment. Grain Prep Processing Aid, on the other hand, contains no acids, is formulated entirely from ingredients "generally recognized as safe for both human and animal uses," and costs just pennies per ton of grain per percent moisture added. See detailed information on Grain Prep Processing Aid

The Grain Prep Auto Delivery System

Grain Prep Auto Delivery System

The Grain Prep Auto Delivery System gives you complete control of the conditioning process while it is taking place. AgriChem's highly accurate moisture sensors measure grain moisture content as it is being conveyed or processed. This allows the system to control the amount of Grain Prep Processing Aid solution added, making moisture a precisely controlled ingredient. The system can be designed to operate in either batch mode, as in a mixer, or in continuous flow mode in a chute, conveyor, or auger.