AgriChem Moisture Sensing Systems

AgriChem Sensor Options

  Standard-size flow-through Standard-size flat plate Mini flat plate
Basic electronics FT-11C FP-21C  
Mid-range electronics     FP-32C
Advanced electronics FT-14C FP-24C  

AgriChem Interface Options

MDS - Operator interface for FT-11C and FP-21C Moisture Sensors.
DiMDI - Operator interface for FT-14C and FP-24C Sensors.

Take control of moisture content

Grain Prep

Whether you’re buying, selling, or processing, uncontrolled moisture takes money out of your pocket. Old-fashioned moisture sampling only tells you what’s in the coffee can, and laboratory testing can take days. AgriChem moisture sensing systems measure across an entire load or batch and give you real numbers in real time and a substantial return on investment.

Our patented capacitive technology is as accurate as a laboratory assay and can be built right into the mixer, conveyer, auger, or chute. Our hardened aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic designs are built tough to stand up to harsh conditions and demanding processes. Our display modules can give you direct readouts and send information directly to your process control system.

AgriChem sensors come in two body styles.

  • The flow-through body style is accurate, simple to use and ideal for applications in which a large volume of material is being moved in bulk.
  • The flat plate body style is compact, robust, versatile, and designed to fit in places where the flow-through body style cannot.

The sensors offer a range of electronic sophistication to fit specific applications.

  • FT-11C and FP-21C models offer economical basic electronics
  • The FP-32C model offers more capabilities and are a good choice for OEM applications
  • FT-14C and FP-24C models are microprocessor controlled. They offer the most advanced electronics, providing the greatest flexibility and configurability.