Return on Investment in
Grain Prep® Processing Aid

Failure to control moisture reduces the digestibility of flaked grain. Lower digestibility means you have to feed more, day after day for several months to achieve desired weight gain, and that's money out of your pocket. Grain Prep Processing Aid combined with effective moisture control improves flaked grain digestibility. In a published study involving steam flaked corn, the increased digestibility observed would increase feed value of the corn and provide a return on investment of 14:1.

Study Parameters and Results
Note that in addition to reduced feed cost in this study, cattle fed treated grain showed an average increase in longissimus muscle (rib eye) of 2.1%. Better feed makes better beef!


  1. Hristov, A. N., K. L. Grandeen, J. K. Ropp, and D. Greer.2004.Effect of grain type and Yucca Schidigera based surfactant on ammonia utilization in vitro and in situ degradability of corn grain. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol. 115:341-355
  2. Hristov, A. N., S. Zaman, M. VanderPol, P. Szasz, K. Huber, and D. Greer.2007.Effect of a saponin-based surfactant and aging time on ruminal degradability of flaked corn grain dry matter and starch. J. Anim. Sci. 85:1459-1466
Average daily corn intake per animal 20 lbs./day
Feeding period 140 days
Total corn intake per animal over feeding period 2800 lbs.
Increased dry matter digestibility 4%
Total corn saved 112 lbs./animal
Corn saved per animal (at 56 lbs./bushel) 2 bushels
Corn cost $6.00/bushel
Total cost of feed saved per animal $12.00
Cost of Grain Prep Processing Aid per ton of grain $0.60
Cost of Grain Prep for 2800 lbs. of corn per animal $0.84
Ratio of return ($12.00) to cost ($0.84) (ROI) 14:1