About AgriChem

Founded in 1985, AgriChem has become the leader in moisture control of agricultural and other granular materials. With innovations in whole grain moisture control, material delivery, sampling technology, sensor design, and moisture, temperature, and flow-rate monitoring systems, the company is uniquely positioned to design moisture monitoring and control systems for both OEMs and end users.

Our Technology

Unlike traditional sampling methods, AgriChem moisture control systems continuously deliver very accurate moisture assays while grain, feed, or other particulate material is being moved, mixed, or processed. Rugged, abrasion-resistant sensor components allow moisture monitoring in mechanically hostile environments, such as mixers, chutes, augers, or belt conveyers.

The Research

Working with leading universities AgriChem researches and tests its technologies to drive development of its products and systems and to measure results of their use. Much of this work is documented in published papers co-authored with university researchers. AgriChem engineering, product design and manufacturing processes deliver equipment that meets the real-world demands of high-volume material handling. Thorough field support ensures successful installations and customers’ satisfaction.

Company History

AgriChem was incorporated in 1985, introduced Grain Prep® Processing Aid that year and installed its first online whole grain moisture control system, for which a patent was awarded, in 1987. Since then the company has continued to expand and improve its moisture sensing and control technology, for which additional patents were awarded, clearly demonstrating AgriChem’s leadership in the field.