Digital Moisture Display Interface (DiMDI)


  • Operator interface for FT-14C and FP-24C Sensors
  • Designed for easy integration into existing control systems
  • Drives up to eight sensors
  • Continuously displays moisture content, product identification, temperature, and alarm status
  • Can be programmed for eight separate particulate and/or powder calibrations
  • Provides high/low alarms for moisture and temperature
  • Provides sensor frequency selection
  • Records average moisture content and total processing time for each material monitored

Product Specifications

LCD display
7-key keypad
Power supply
Battery back-up
Temperature ±1°F
Moisture (typical) ±0.25%
Sensor Connections
Standard 1
Optional 2 to 8
Zero-Math calibrations 8
Gain Adjustable
Sensor frequency Adjustable
Temp Compensation Adjustable
Operational Temperatures
Ambient -40°F to 120°F
Electrical power
Required 120VAC or 240VAC
Consumption 12.5 Watts
Up to 50 Watts
with multiple sensors